"Best International One-Man Show"      will be back in NYC!

A  KISS  - 


Performed and awarded at the United Solo Theatre Festival 2018, which took place from September to November at the "Theatre Row" on the 42nd Street in New York. A KISS will be back in November 2019.

"Thrilling."     "Unique."     "A must!"

Life and death of outsider artist Anto-nio Ligabue, the „Italian van Gogh“ 

A KISS - ANTONIO LIGABUE is the new play by the multiple award-winning Italian theatre maker Mario Perrotta. The English premiere with the Swiss actor Marco Michel was enthusiastically received and won the award as the "Best International One-Man Show". Michel impersonates the Swiss-Italian painter Antonio Ligabue and brings his life to the stage. Having grown up with foster parents, deported to Italy at 19, ridiculed as a simpleton and celebrated only quite late as an artist, Ligabue was driven by an incredible creative power. 

Marco Michel immerses himself in Ligabue's past in the play. He draws large-sized portraits with which he enters into a dramatic dialogue. Thus the drawings become co-players on stage and the audience becomes a witness of a misunderstood person. Ultimately, the question arises of the real or alleged craziness of outsiders - or of a society that marginalizes people. 

Press Reviews & Audience Feedback

„A Masterstroke.“ 

Newspaper "Thuner Tagblatt", 28. Feb. 2018

"An impressive evening. Thrilling.”  

Award winner Walter Andreas Müller, actor

"Unique. An exceptional talent.”  

Award winner Sibylle Birkenmeier, actress and comedian

"Excellent. Gets under your skin.”  

Producer Senta Berger, PROFILE-Productions

„Of breathtaking intensity. A must!“ 

Award winner and theatre legend Bernie Schürch, founder of the internationally acclaimed theatre company "Mummenschanz 

„Standing ovations for a thrilling performance.“  

Newspaper "Sarganserländer", 2. Nov. 2015

"Like a maelstrom.” 

Newspaper "Berner Zeitung", 24. April 2017

About Marco Michel

Marco Michel was born in Switzerland and studied acting the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich, Germany. Different projects led him to work and/or perform in different countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, China and Iran. He works for theatre, film and TV and with great artists, such as Robert Wilson, and was chosen by the acclaimed Italian author and director Mario Perrotta for his trilogy about the Swiss-Italian painter Antonio Ligabue. Marco Michel's performance in the monodrama "A KISS - ANTONIO LIGABUE" was recieved enthusiastically. Marco Michel lives in Berlin.

He can be contacted via mail: info(at)marcomichel.com

Special thanks to the principal sponsors:

Hans & Annelies Swierstra Stiftung, CH

Swiss Society of New York, USA

Bürgi Willert-Stiftung, CH

Foundation Archive Antonio Ligabue, IT

Christian Schneeberger, CH

Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung, CH

I also would like to thank:
Consulate General of Switzerland in New York
Véronique Anne Botteron
Community of Ittigen
Canton of Bern