Solo performance at the United Solo Theatre Festival New York

Life and death of outsider artist Antonio Ligabue - the „Italian van Gogh“ 

Place: Theatre Row, 410 West 42nd Street, New York City

Date: Sun., Oct. 21, 2018

Time: 2:00 PM

Running time: 75 minutes 

One man show about the painter Antonio Ligabue

A KISS - ANTONIO LIGABUE was written and directed by the acclaimed Italian author and director Mario Perrotta, who won the most important Italian theatre award for this play, the Premio Ubu.

Once regarded as the village idiot, the Swiss-Italian painter Antonio Ligabue later became famous as the "Italian van Gogh". Marco Michel embodies Ligabue with stunning intensity and draws large-sized charcoal portraits, which become his co-players on stage. 

„Marco Michel plays Ligabue with breathtaking intensity. A must-see!“ 

(Award winner and theatre legend Bernie Schürch, founder of the internationally acclaimed theatre company "Mummenschanz“)

About Antonio Ligabue

The show is called A KISS because that’s what Ligabue longed for his whole life. He was always an outsider and considered a fool by the peasants of the village. He longed for a kiss - not just a kiss, but he longed for warmth and understanding and love. Ligabue suffered from some form of schizophrenia and had several stays at mental health institutions. Ligabues great talent was discovered by the painter Marino Mazzacurati - and suddenly, he became famous and even had exhibitions in Rome. Today, Ligabue is known as the "Italian van Gogh."

About Marco Michel

Marco Michel was born in Switzerland and studied acting the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich, Germany. Different projects led him to work and/or perform in different countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, China and Iran. He works for theatre, film and TV and with great artists, such as Robert Wilson, and was chosen by the acclaimed Italian author and director Mario Perrotta for his trilogy about the Swiss-Italian painter Antonio Ligabue. Marco Michel's performance in the monodrama "A KISS - ANTONIO LIGABUE" was recieved enthusiastically. Marco Michel lives in Berlin.

He can be contacted via mail: info(at)marcomichel.com